A Micro Transfer ® is exactly what this stamping industry needs. Unlike soft systems improvements that can take years to show results, a Micro Transfer ® is something tangible that can increase profitability instantly.

Jim Boelstler

General Manager, Modified Technologies Inc.

Micro Transfer ® gives us a distinct advantage over our competition. We use this technology as a key benefit and strategic advantage in our costing model to our customers. On average, I’m seeing about a 20-30% material reduction when quoting with the Micro Transfer™.

Craig Scott

Director of Operations, Sequoia Tool, Inc.

It allowed us to provide our customers with something we were unable to before – a completely formed part using our progressive die. It gives us a “progressive die advantage”.

David Lillibridge

Chief Engineer, Competition Engineering, Inc.

After working nearly 40 years in the metal stamping business, I thought I’d seen about everything. Jacar’s Micro Transfer ® systems are the greatest thing to come along since in-die tapping.

Steve Nash

Chief Engineer, McGregor Metalworking Co's.

Micro Transfer ® opens up a whole new area where stamping companies can save money, which allows them to have a huge competitive advantage. Micro Transfer ® enables such a reduction in scrap material. Using the system literally guarantees the stamping company will win the job and leave the competition saying, “How can they do the job for that price?” As steel prices rise, the advantages of Micro Transfer ® will become more important and use of the system will become more advantageous on an increasingly higher percentage of jobs. A Micro Transfer ® can be a stamping company’s “secret weapon” for securing work.

Robert Quinn

President, RCM, Inc. Revcam LLC Patriot Tooling Systems Stamping Solutions Group