Bob Gunst, President and Owner, Jacar Systems LLC

Jacar Systems President and Owner Bob Gunst has more than 30 years of experience in the sheet metal stamping industry, specializing in progressive and transfer die technologies. Bob has developed processes for more than 20,000 different sheet metal parts.

Throughout his career, Bob has held principal roles in engineering, manufacturing, testing and marketing of several sheet metal part transfer automation companies. His experience in the stamping industry began with an apprenticeship as a tool and die design engineer, later progressing into quality management and projected management with several stamping manufacturers.

Bob has worked with nearly every original equipment manufacturer’s requirement for sheet metal parts. He has held management roles for four tool and die companies, and started two additional businesses for sheet metal transfer automation systems. In 2007, Bob launched Jacar Systems LLC and began development of the Micro Transfer ® System, an all-mechanical die-mounted transfer system. In 2010, Micro Transfer ® received its official patent.

As president of Jacar Systems LLC, Bob is a consulting expert for all areas of the sheet metal stamping process. This includes manufacturing processes, die and production cost estimation, die design and construction, Excel programming, transfer and progressive die processes, business development, and business and sales management.