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Since 2009 Jacar Transfer Die technology has saved our industry over pounds of material!

*material savings is a fair estimate only


We provide an In-Die Alternative to your Press Transfer Systems, Trog Die and Progressive Die.

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“A Micro Transfer ® is exactly what this stamping industry needs. Unlike soft systems improvements that can take years to show results, a Micro Transfer ® is something tangible that can increase profitability instantly.”

Jim Boelstler
General Manager
Modified Technologies Inc.

“Micro Transfer ® gives us a distinct advantage over our competition. We use this technology as a key benefit and strategic advantage in our costing model to our customers. On average, I’m seeing about a 20-30% material reduction when quoting with the Micro Transfer ® .”

Craig Scott
Director of Operations
Sequoia Tool, Inc.

“It allowed us to provide our customers with something we were unable to before – a completely formed part using our progressive die. It gives us a ‘progressive die advantage.’”

David Lillibridge
Chief Engineer
Competition Engineering, Inc.

“After working nearly 40 years in the metal stamping business, I thought I’d seen about everything. Jacar’s Micro Transfer ® systems are the greatest thing to come along since in-die tapping.”

Steve Nash
Chief Engineer
McGregor Metalworking Co’s.

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Established in 2007 by Bob Gunst, Jacar Systems LLC is a leader in transfer die automation and a specialist in the die mounted transfer industry.

For 15 years, Bob was told by experts in the transfer industry that the development of a small, economical alternative to large industrialized transfer systems was impossible. Convinced that he could engineer systems to have a footprint 1/4 of the size, Bob set out to develop Micro Transfer ® , a standardized, all-mechanical in-die transfer system.