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Providing Part Transfer Technology to the Small Part Stamping Industry at a Fraction of the Cost

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Jacar Systems LLC is dedicated to helping metal stamping professionals maximize production through small part material handling systems. Jacar's revolutionary Micro Transfer™ System provides a new tooling alternative to progressive and large transfer dies. Our all-new patented technology brings large part transfer capabilities to smaller part applications. Micro Transfer's™ design reduces material costs and tooling complexity while improving manufacturing processes and flexibility. As a result, the system has proven to increase profitability through a simplified manufacturing process. Read more.

Our mission is to help sheet metal stamping companies, tool & die shops, and engineering teams reduce costs, increase profits and advance global reach.


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"A Micro Transfer™ is exactly what this stamping industry needs. Unlike soft systems improvements that can take years to show results, a Micro Transfer™ is something tangible that can increase profitability instantly."

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